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Your Overall Outdoor Design Aesthetic

Harmonious Balance

You seek a balanced outdoor space in every sense of the word, from plant colors and styles to fragrance to how you use it. Your aesthetic falls in the middle, and you appreciate the contrast between loose and free-flowing against symmetrical and tidy. You want to help your local pollinators and environment and soak up the wildlife, perhaps even adding a peaceful meditation garden. Additionally, you’d like an area to entertain and impress guests for all those outdoor parties. And of course, your family needs a place to play and hang out!

Plant Style: 

There’s nothing like the juxtaposition of flowing, winding plants and shapes against some straighter lines and edges! That’s why you find a blend of styles, sizes, and textures in your garden delivers the most harmony.

Ideal Color Scheme: 

Perhaps you love an array of colors in your garden. Or maybe you appreciate a balance of cool and warm hues to fully appease the senses. Either way, you want a blend of the bright and energizing with the cool and calm when you look around your outdoor space.

Favorite Fragrances: 

Your preference lies in the middle, so you love powdery, soft fragrances—which is why you love the subtle scents of peonies, irises, and sweet peas. You love their springy yet soothing aromas.

Stone Style: 

As someone who appreciates the free-flowing blended with clean lines, go for gravel lined with cobblestone borders to strike that balance.

Outdoor Vision: 

Similar to our first question, you love a mix! Perhaps you want a section for a meditation garden with ethereal florals and another neater area for playing and entertaining.

In Your Free Time: 

You spend as much time outside in your yard and garden as you can. From relaxing and meditating to family time to hosting those hit parties, you love it all. You simply love soaking in the environment right around your own home and sharing it with others!

Maintenance Level: 

While you don’t mind spending some regular watering, weeding, trimming, and mowing, your time is limited. You prefer low to intermediate garden maintenance.

Remember, this quiz is just a starting point to help you better understand your outdoor design aesthetic and get those creative ideas flowing! You may like certain elements from both the free-flowing and neat and tidy options. No one’s style or lifestyle can be put in a box—which is why I love working with people to help them achieve an outdoor space that feels and functions exactly as they envisioned!

If you have additional questions or you’re ready to design your dream landscape, book a discovery call or contact me at to get started!

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