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Empowering You to DIY Your Dream Yard

I Need Ideas & Inspiration!

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Know where and how to start

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Receive tailored landscaping solutions

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Gain expert knowledge & resources

Perhaps you recently discovered your love of plants and the soil between your fingers. Or maybe you’ve been an amateur gardener for some time, caring for your flower beds, lawn, and plant life.


There’s nothing quite like the tranquility of fresh air, hands in the earth, surrounded by wildlife!


But now, you’re facing some landscape challenges. Your plants keep dying, or you don’t know where to start. You keep asking yourself: 

  • What plants will work in my yard?

  • Which plant life should go where? 

  • Why aren’t my current plants thriving?

  • How do I care for them?

  • How can I better utilize my outdoor space?

And online searches yield overwhelming results with contradicting advice.

Love tending to your yard and garden but feeling a bit stuck?

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So how can you find plants and solutions that fit your property?

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Get unstuck and create your own unique space…

With hands-on support from an experienced landscape designer! Our Landscape Design Intensive provides you with:

  • Information and inspiration specific to your property and preferences

  • Customized recommendations—including the right plants for the right places

  • A wealth of knowledge and resources to continue proper plant care


Ready for a helping hand to begin your DIY landscape design?

What to Expect from Your Intensive

During your Landscape Design Intensive, landscape designer Susan Flint will visit your home for a two-hour session to:

  • Identify existing plants and answer specific plant and landscape questions

  • Identify which new plants will work in each area and note them in your Plant Guide

  • Share initial ideas about plants, structures, hardscapes, and maintenance

  • Discuss your needs and preferences

  • Assess the layout and characteristics of your property

  • Take lots of photographs for visual reference

Walk Away With:

Plant Guide

Which includes:

  • 50 hearty New England plants

  • Basic plant information organized by sunny wet, sunny dry, shady wet, and shady dry

  • Potential plant options for each area of your yard (noted by Susan)

Ideas & Inspiration Guide

Susan will send you a write-up of her plant and layout ideas, style inspiration, and tips for making the most of your outdoor space. These detailed notes often spark creative concepts you might not have considered possible!


As a landscape designer, Susan can point you in the right direction for the next steps in your yard. From soil testing to eco-friendly practices, she is happy to provide books, websites, and other resources to help set you up for success!

Investment: $1,400

If you want to take back control of your yard and make it your own once again, reserve your spot today!

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