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Eco-Conscious North Shore Landscape Designer

Your Outdoor Space Problem-Solver

We aim to Create beautiful spaces that support local flora, fauna, and pollinators using sustainable design best practices. In doing so, we will foster a healthier world for living, working, and playing, for everyone, one space at a time.

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We support minority and women-owned businesses throughout the industry through patronage and partnerships.

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We cultivate an awareness of real-world situations, encouraging clients and partners to do the same.

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We create beautiful, innovative designs and promote work/life balance for all of our clients!

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elevate your outdoor space seamlessly.

You want an experienced partner to guide you and manage the tricky areas of landscape design in an attentive, personalized manner. We love collaborating with like-minded, environmentally responsible homeowners and businesses to do just that!


Flint Garden Designs has created stunning scenes and solved property problems for diverse landscapes throughout the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire. Our local small business educates and offers alternatives to ensure you achieve the elegant, functional outdoor space you’ve imagined while being mindful of your budget and the time you would like to spend caring for your outdoor space.


I’m Susan!

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Susana Flint of Flint Garden Designs landscape design services
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I’m a passionate landscape designer who cares deeply for our world and overall well-being. I have spent over a decade creating unique and meticulously planned designs that bring clients joy.

I love incorporating native plants, stone, and water features. While my design aesthetic is a looser, flowing style juxtaposed against hardscapes and manmade structures, I enjoy flexing my creativity to reflect each client’s style. 


After careers as a microbiologist and a stay-at-home mom raising two wonderful sons, I contemplated my next chapter. I had found a love of gardening and realized I could make it my third career!


Piecing together the puzzle of landscape challenges along with each client’s preferences and end goals intrigues and motivates me. I take a big-picture approach to consider how every property element interacts, from plant colors and textures to hardscapes and structures. Then, I collaborate with clients to create serene settings that support local habitats.

My favorite thing about what I do is when clients tell me I truly heard them and understood their vision!

Education and Experience:

I earned my degree from the Boston Architectural College, Landscape Institute and founded Flint Garden Designs in 2013. Simultaneously, I spent five years working with the Georgetown Conservation Commission learning about wetland restoration projects, turtle nesting site protection, and how to navigate through local and state bylaws to protect our native wetland ecosystems.


I previously obtained my B.S. in biology from Denison University and spent seven years in both research and clinical laboratory settings. My comprehensive studies and experiences have significantly influenced my perspective and concern for environmental issues.


As a member of the American Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), Ecological Landscape Association (ELA), Native Plant Trust (NPT), and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society (MHS), I am constantly seeking ways to bring clients the best outdoor designs and solutions.

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Ready to achieve an eco-friendly flow in your yard?

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