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Your Overall Outdoor Design Aesthetic

Free-Flowing Whimsy

With a creative eye and penchant for the wild and free, you need a yard and garden to match! Your aesthetic is loose and free-flowing, meaning you lean toward diverse plants that lean, spread, and droop blended with winding curvy shapes and lines. You seek an immersive outdoor oasis where you can get in touch with nature and find that peaceful inspiration. Bring on the birds, bees, and other critters—you love seeing and listening to the wildlife, which you can invite in with the right plants! And as a nature lover, you of course love playing outside and need the space to do so.

Plant Style: 

Free-flowing plants that give a hint of the wild to your yard speak most to you. You're all about curved lines and lots of movement. After all, the beauty is in the imperfections! Trees like willows and wildflowers will be perfect for your garden.

Ideal Color Scheme: 

You gravitate toward cool, calming hues like blues, greens, purples, and whites to create a tranquil space. Just remember to add a few warm colors for the occasional POP and balance—unless you're going for a meditation garden, in which case, stick to those serene tones!

Favorite Fragrances: 

Romantic floral scents like roses, honeysuckles, and crabapples in bloom put you at ease and spark your inspiration. These fragrances tend to encourage us to slow down and breathe in the aromatic air around us.

Stone Style: 

You love natural stones that lend to that fluid look and feel. Opt for something like a flagstone path to get your desired look.

Outdoor Vision: 

When you envision your space, you see a secret garden, something ethereal and whimsical. Incorporate features like arches covered in drooping flowers and vines or an antique-style fountain.

In Your Free Time: 

You crave a shady nook for reading, meditating, or simply soaking in the sounds of your local wildlife. You also spend lots of time playing in the sun. Either way, you and your family need an outdoor oasis!

Maintenance Level: 

As an avid gardener, you love getting your hands dirty and tending to your yard and garden, from planting new flowers to cleanup and weeding.

Remember, this quiz is just a starting point to help you better understand your outdoor design aesthetic and get those creative ideas flowing! You may like certain elements from both the free-flowing and neat and tidy options. No one’s style or lifestyle can be put in a box—which is why I love working with people to help them achieve an outdoor space that feels and functions exactly as they envisioned!

If you have additional questions or you’re ready to design your dream landscape, book a discovery call or contact me at to get started!

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